CNC Turning

BSP have compressive CNC turning facility that can cope with very small parts with very high volumes on our 7 axis sliding head machines up to large 520mm dia billets on our large capacity Puma 400 Turning Centre.

BSP also excels in medium sized batch work that makes full use of the twin spindle ”Y” axis CNC Turning Centres with driven tooling, enabling us to produce finished components in one operation. With a highly skilled, experienced workforce it enables us to produce tightly tolerance, complex parts for various industries, but with standard 2 axis lathes available we can also be very competitive on large volume work.

BSP have 11 CNC Turning Centres of various sizes available, which gives us great flexibility to ensure that our customers' parts can be machined when they need them, with the potential to move any urgent requirements through our workshop very quickly. BSP have vast experience machining most materials including aluminiums, stainless steels, mild steels and exotics ie, hastelloy, inconel, titanium etc.